current position: Faculty >> Professor

Xuelong Li, Professor

Research Interests: Artificial intelligence, applied mathematics and physics.

Guanghua Cheng, Professor

Research Interests:Ultrafast laser machining and processes, High power solid laser technique and Interaction between ultrafast laser and mater, nonlinear opticH

Chao Gao, Professor

Research Interests: Artificial Intelligence Theory, Social Computing, System Simulation, Big Data Analysis and Modeling, Biological Inspired Optimization Algorithm, etc

Qinghua Huang,Professor

Title:Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University of Ministry of Education of China
Research Interests:Medical ultrasound imaging,artificial intelligence in medicine, advanced robotics,intelligent computation

Yuanshan Liu, Professor

Research Interests: Microwave Photonics, Ultra-fast Optics,Optical Fiber Frequency Comb and All-optical Sampling Technology.

Zongcheng Miao, Professor

Research Interests:His research interests include Artificial Intelligence Materials, Display and Visualisation, Ocean Optics, Visual Computing, etc.

Feiping Nie, Professor

Title:Leading talents of the ministry of science and technology
Research Interests: Data analysis, Machine learning

Qi Wang, Professor

Research Interests: Photoelectric detection, Multi-sensory

Zhen Wang, Professor

Title: National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars
Research Interests: Intelligent interaction

Yuan Yuan, Professor

Research Interests: Data analysis, Remote sensing

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