School of Artificial Intelligence, OPtics and ElectroNics (iOPEN)

School of Artificial Intelligence, OPtics and ElectroNics (iOPEN), Northwestern Polytechnical University was founded in January 2020, Its predecessor is the Center for Optical Imagery Analysis and Learning (OPTIMAL), which was founded in June 2014. Over the past five years, with the strong support of NWPU, the members of the center have worked hard together to develop frontier cross-based scientific research and train a large number of outstanding young talents with high-quality scientific research and innovation capabilities, laying a solid foundation for the personnel training and scientific research in the statistic science, machine learning, and other cutting-edge areas in artificial intelligence.


Facing with the significant opportunity challenge of artificial intelligence theory and application, the team carried out in-depth research on group intelligence, big data intelligence, network information system intelligence, optical imaging system intelligence, human-machine hybrid intelligence, intelligent system application, etc., under the leadership of Professor Xuelong Li, chief scientist of the center. Accordingly, encouraging results in personnel construction, scientific research, student training, international exchange and cooperation, and social services.


The Center currently has 180+ staffs and students, including 17 senior titles and 7 people selected from the introduction/training of national/provincial-level talent program with cultivating 40+ graduates.


In the past 5 years, the Center has undertaken 40+ research projects, published 300+ papers in PNAS, Nature Communications, Science Advances, IEEE, etc. , and 60,000+ citations from Google Scholar.